Real-Time Feedback

Employees are empowered to share feedback throughout the year - no more waiting for the annual review.

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Share Feedback When It Counts

Gmail and Slack integrations makes sharing feedback easier for employees.

Share Feedback When It Counts

Recognize Great Effort. Share Constructive Feedback

Employees help each other get better throughout the year.

Recognize Great Effort. Give Constructive Criticism

Here’s What our Customers Say About Lattice

“Feedback and performance conversations are critical for employee engagement. As individuals successively master opportunities, Lattice helps us gather the regular, deep feedback we need to inspire our team anew.”
Nate Smith Nate Smith Founder and CTO @Lever
“Definitely the first software I've used in the HR space where I basically didn't have to ask any questions before launching anything.”
McKenna Moreau McKenna Moreau Director of People Ops @Cruise
“Lattice is central to the way our company now operates. We’ve always known that goals are critical, but they’ve been tough to implement because they tend to wither away in spreadsheets and email. Lattice has completely changed that.”
Bill Clerico Bill Clerico CEO @WePay
“Thanks for building Lattice and for your support. You're helping us become a better team.”
Evgeny Shadchnev Evgeny Shadchnev CEO, Co-Founder @Makers Academy
“Empowering & aligning 200 people is not only a question of mind or method, but you also need a tool to supplement the process. Lattice is amazing and has helped us define & update quarterly goals, write weekly check-ins, and prepare personal annual meetings. It's a must have for any business.”
Luc Davoust Luc Davoust Strategic Project Manager @iAdvize

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Evolve Performance Management with Real-Time Feedback

Over the past several years, a number of leading companies ranging from GE to Deloitte have announced they are doing away with the annual performance review process. Instead these companies are moving towards a performance management system focused on continuous 360 degree feedback. This new model helps employees receive feedback when it’s actionable, instead of waiting for the annual review.

Lattice’s real time feedback software helps companies embrace the latest trends by providing a full suite of performance feedback tools. The cloud based system is designed to increase employee engagement by building these tools into the employee’s existing workflow (Gmail and Slack). The tool also improves the performance review process by referencing this feedback during the actual performance evaluation. We’d love to help transition your company to a real time performance management system -- get started by scheduling time with a Lattice product specialist.