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Unlocking HR Success: Real-life Insights from Lattice Power Users

In this session, our user panel will delve into real-life experiences and showcase how they leveraged our platform to propel their HR strategies forward. 

From board-level discussions to talent analytics, and even the often-neglected "ugly" aspects of HR, this not to be missed webinar is packed full of real world insights and practical tips to help you maximize the potential of your Lattice investment.

Join Sabrina Matlin, Sr Director HRBP at Planet, Alex Genetti Head of People at Enable and our very own Director of Customer Success, Emily Wasmund and learn how to:

  • Gather data and insights to support influential discussions
  • Harness analytics to identify and nurture top talent
  • Address gaps in HR processes
  • Gain valuable knowledge into overlooked but vital HR components that can make or break success
  • Create transparency and engagement; to build trust

Get equipped with actionable strategies to address your unique business-critical HR challenges. Sign up today.

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