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Moving to Employee-Ownership (and doubling profits in the process)

Torchbox is living proof that putting people first doesn’t mean putting business last. After making the decision to move to employee-ownership in 2019, Torchbox have doubled their profits and created an engaged, productive and motivated team.

In episode 4 of ‘For The Love of People’, Olly Willans talks us through his 23 year journey with Torchbox and shares his unique perspective on the challenges of balancing people with profit.
Having seen the business grow from scrappy start-up to established, purpose-driven business, and having held multiple different roles over the years - Olly has a wealth of insight and experience to share with us.

In this webinar we talk through:

  • The fine balance between people and profit
  • How your approach to people management develops as your business grows
  • The journey to employee-ownership
  • How to properly structure line management
  • Why even giving/receiving feedback requires proper training

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