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Insight to Action: Conquering Tough Topics

People leaders must navigate many difficult challenges when setting their workforce up for a new era of success. Annual engagement surveys are a useful tool, for sure.  But they often surface nuanced questions that require deeper investigation. 

Topics like DEIB, career development, performance management, and management effectiveness are all examples of tough topics that require a thoughtful approach for leaders who wish to deliver truly impactful change, and set people up to do their best work.  

Don’t navigate the challenge alone.  Lattice has called in the experts to help! Join Danielle Little, Director of Process Change at Peoplism, Mark Coulter, Director of Talent Management Solutions at HRSG, Joie Lim, Impact Lead at LifeLabs Learning, and Sam Levine, VP of Learning at Hone, as we discuss how to conquer tough topics.

Sign up for the webinar and you’ll learn how to:

•  Accurately collect deeper insights that get to the heart of challenging topics

• Develop effective result-driven action plans

•  Improve employee experience and build a high-performance culture

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