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From Hype to HR Policy: How to Approach Generative AI at Work

The world of work is evolving at pace. When asked what the future workplace will look like, artificial intelligence is top of mind right now.  But beyond the latest hype cycle, AI is here to stay and its impact will be complex, presenting both challenges and opportunities for employee experience.  

So how to navigate a new era of AI-powered people success?

Hear from Lattice’s CPO, Cara Brennan Allamano, and general counsel Robert Scott on how to successfully integrate AI into your business, including:

•  Considerations for employees leveraging AI in the course of their work

•  Learnings from organizations already adapting to the rapid evolution of AI models

•  How to ensure reasonable use of AI technology within your organization

•  How to mitigate risks whilst empowering experimentation and exploration

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