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Balancing "delivery at all costs" with quality HR work

We’re all aware that it’s a challenging time for a lot of professionals right now, but Iain Morrison is a big believer that HR leaders shouldn’t panic when times get tough.

When business leaders shift their focus to efficiency, targets and delivery-at-all-costs, it can be tempting to change course and abandon the core strategic people programs that you’ve worked so hard on. But now more than ever, you need motivated, engaged, and dedicated employees who happily give that extra discretionary effort to steer the ship through choppy waters.

In episode 6 of For The Love of People, Iain will be sharing the lessons, knowledge and wisdom he’s gained from his time with the Tony Blair Institute.

In this webinar we'll cover:

  • Balancing delivery at all costs with quality HR work
  • How to deliver people programs across a complex organisation
  • The unique challenges of working with Governments and NGOs
  • Why a great set of core values will always keep you on track
  • The appeal of a mission-driven organisation
  • Why employees can spot an insincere EVP a mile-off

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