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Are we doing enough to set our employees (and our businesses) up for success?

Are we really setting our employees up for success? New research from Lattice and YouGov revealed that a huge number of employees lack access to many of the core People programs and tools that have been considered best practice in the industry for some time - so how can we better support the success of our people and our businesses?

Join us for episode 8 in our For The Love of People series where we’ll be joined by Ross McDonald from Perkbox to chat through the new research and uncover some of the potential solutions to maximise the success of our people.

In this webinar we'll cover

•  Key insights and data from the employee sentiment research

•  Why performance is a critical focus in today’s market

•  How to create a best-in-class culture

•  The challenges of balancing performance with wellbeing

•  The most impactful programs to improve performance/wellness

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