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Turn Every Employee
Into a Promoter

Incorporate eNPS Surveys as a part of your people strategy
program to identify your employee advocates.

eNPS is your north star metric for employee experience

Uncover every detail about what impacts your EX. Learn what has the greatest effect on eNPS with detailed follow-up engagement themes.

Predict the future of your org. Are your top-performers flight risks? Is the next generation of leaders detracting from your company?

Gain eNPS insights in your next survey with one click

Turn employees into advocates. Use Engagement survey results to identify how the EX can be improved to make all your employees Promoters.

Know if your A-players are bringing in A-players. eNPS connected to performance can show you whether your top performers are also your biggest promoters.

eNPS, Explained

Employee Net Promoter Score is a way to measure your company’s employee experience based on the concept of Net Promoter Score, pioneered by Bain & Company and Fred Reichheld, which measures customer experience and loyalty.

Measuring eNPS is simple: you ask one question
of your employees “How likely are you to recommend our company as a place to work?” on a scale of 0–10. Respondents are then placed in one of three categories:

Promoters 9 - 10. These are your most enthusiastic and loyal employees. They are ambassadors for your brand, love their role, see a clear future with the company, and likely refer strong candidates from their network to open roles.

Passives 7 - 8. These employees are generally satisfied with their experience at work, but they aren’t as excited about or enamored with your company as promoters.

There is a lot of value in understanding feedback from this group to discover what can be done to move them into the Promoter category.

Detractors 0 - 6. These employees are often dissatisfied and can do damage to your company and brand through disengagement, apathy, and negativity about their roles.

To calculate eNPS, take the percentage of your employees who are Promoters and subtract the percentage of employees who are Detractors.
Your result is measured on a scale from –100 to 100.