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UK HR’s Complete Guide to Appraisals

Ensure appraisals are effective and impactful, both for your people and your business.

Employee appraisals are a source of vital data for companies, no matter their size or scope. When structured properly and implemented thoughtfully, they can influence net profits, the growth and development of the business, as well as give employees a chance to share and receive essential feedback, improve job satisfaction, and reduce turnover rates — all of which directly impact your company’s bottom line.

So how do you ensure appraisals are effective and impactful, both for your people and your business? How can you create and implement a consistent employee performance review system, built on a foundation of continuous and transparent feedback, with clear objectives and less bias? Equally important, how do you accomplish all of that whilst making the process as seamless as possible, as well as maintaining high participation rates? Read this ebook to find out.


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