The Ultimate Guide to Feedback

Build a feedback culture at your company

December 13, 2019
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This ebook provides HR teams with a framework for building a feedback culture, while also sharing guides & scripts for both managers and employees.

If you're thinking of downloading this ebook, it۪'s likely you know how important feedback is to the health of your company. You probably also know that managers and employees a like don't like to give feedback. And you know why: it can be awkward and uncomfortable, and balancing being direct with being positive feels like a tightrope act. Most people would rather just not do it.

But the alternative to not giving feedback are employees and managers who end up feeling unhappy, unsupported, and unmotivated. While the initial discomfort of giving and receiving feedback can be uncomfortable for some, it's far better than having a high performing employee get so frustrated they leave the company or letting low performing employee continue to perform below their potential, possibly to the point of being let go.

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