The Ultimate Guide to Employee Engagement Surveys

A how-to guide for running and acting on your next employee engagement survey.

December 13, 2019
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Like performance reviews, engagement surveys sometimes get a bad rap employees tend to distrust them because they worry their answers are going to be used against them, used to justify the decisions of leadership, or not used at all. But if managed correctly, engagement surveys are the key to actually hearing what your employees have to say.

According to Harvard Business Review, engagement survey responses are better than other HR metrics because they directly address how employees feel about the company and capture the most accurate predictors of behavior.

To make sure you nail your next employee engagement survey, download our new guide that dives into all the elements of a successful survey. Inside you'll learn best practices around:

How to build and structure your survey:

  • The best ways to communicate and share your survey with employees
  • How to analyze, report, and share the results of your survey
  • And much more!

Download 'The Ultimate Guide to Employee Engagement Surveys'

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