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Rethinking Work: Attracting and Retaining Talent in an Employee-Led Market

The biggest challenge facing businesses in 2022 is how to attract and retain talent.

It’s no secret that people are leaving their jobs at an unprecedented rate, or that competition to attract new talent is growing fiercer by the day. 

But what are the drivers behind these trends, and how can UK businesses respond?

Lattice asked more than 200 HR leaders and 2000 employees in the UK how they're thinking about work, where their priorities lie, and what their biggest challenges are.  Overwhelmingly we uncovered that employees are fine-tuning a better work-life balance, and redefining what they want from their employers. 

Read the report to learn: 

  • Why the pandemic has caused ‘the great reshuffle’
  • How to tackle the great employer-employee disconnect
  • How to rethink the workplace and make work more meaningful


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Download 'Rethinking Work: Attracting and Retaining Talent in an Employee-Led Market'

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