How To Transform Your HR Strategy With AI

AI isn’t just a futuristic vision, it’s driving the future of work.

June 25, 2024
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The central piece in making AI successful isn’t about the tech — it’s about people.

Imagine being able to take a load off your managers by helping them generate performance reviews more quickly, or analysing reams of employee engagement data to get the insights you need to pinpoint why an employee group has become a flight risk in seconds.

This is the potential impact AI can — and already is — having on the employee experience. Early studies on generative AI’s impact, for example, show it can offer a significant productivity and efficiency uplift. When used effectively, it could enhance your employer brand and accelerate your hiring process.

In the current business climate, where efficiency and performance are paramount, AI will enable people leaders to be more forward-looking and strategic than ever before. Critically, they can spend more time creating the connections that lead to a great employee experience. But to realise these potential benefits, you have to get your strategy and implementation right first. In this workbook, we’ll help you get started on integrating AI to power up your people processes.

We’ll guide you through a six-step framework that will help you:

• Evaluate where and how to leverage AI to the greatest effect
• Build policies and best practices to standardise how the employees use AI
• Create an implementation strategy with internal stakeholders
• Measure the success of your initiatives

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