2024 HR Calendar

Never forget a holiday again with the 2024 Lattice HR calendar, which highlights the most important dates every people team should have on their radar.

November 7, 2023
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This calendar provides important dates for HR pros and two options for downloading: a printable version you can display on your desk all year, or an iCS file that integrates with your existing calendar seamlessly. 

You’ll also find:

  • Critical compliance deadlines for every HR team
  • Meaningful holidays for a wide range of cultures and identities
  • Cheeky causes for celebration (We’ve got our eye on International Coffee Day!)
  • Everything else you need to set your business and people up for success

Throughout the calendar, Lattice’s People Strategy Group experts also share actionable HR strategy tips — from how to set smarter goals and OKRs, to how to develop an effective compensation strategy, and beyond.

Download '2024 HR Calendar '

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