Lattice and TriNet Partner to Streamline HR

July 20, 2022

Maintaining clear, consistent people data helps managers and senior talent leaders unlock the power of their teams by surfacing trends, and helping to drive performance and growth.

Both Lattice and TriNet strive to empower companies to support their most important resource – the humans who work there. This integration will enable businesses to focus more time on their people and growth by providing access to a human resources solution that unites payroll, access to benefits, risk mitigation, HR expertise and a comprehensive technology platform. The collaboration is designed to help users share and manage their workforce data in real-time.

“As a mature startup with a small HR department, we consider Lattice to be an integral part of our team,”

said David J. Voorhees, Vice President of People & Culture at Recycle Track Systems.

“Having the integration of Lattice with TriNet will save us endless hours of admin work. This is a great thing as we are in growth mode with 5 to 8 new employees joining the organization each month.”

Navigating between tools increases the chance of misunderstanding or losing information. Integrating people data between TriNet and Lattice gives people leaders and managers the peace of mind knowing employee data will be aggregated without having to manually enter data across two systems. Lattice retrieves data critical to performance management, employee engagement, career development, and analytics.

The integration also allows for single sign on and automatically syncs new information, like new employees, promotions, and more, adding additional insight to employee profiles. This enables managers and HR teams to see the full picture and better understand employees’ experiences at the company as well as removing the need to update multiple platforms.

Building an enduring company starts with a strong team. Invest in your employees with the combined benefits of full-service HR with the leading People Success Platform.

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