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Why choose Lattice over Culture Amp?

Lattice takes a more holistic approach to people success, supporting high-performance cultures by integrating employee performance, engagement, and development. See for yourself why Lattice is the industry leading people success platform.

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5,000+ Organizations Trust Lattice

Lattice is the #1 rated People Success Platform

Lattice is the complete people success platform that employees love to use. Don’t just take our word for it–see what our customers have to say.

99% overall customer satisfaction rating on G2

Lattice vs. Culture AMP
Feature Comparison


Culture AMP

Employee engagement surveys

Performance dashboards

Integrated Performance + Engagement dashboards

Survey templates

Support for 1:1s


Status updates

Flexibility at scale

Organically built for performance management

Proven in performance management

Robust, integrated Goals & OKRs


Engagement Benchmarking


Makes it easy to create a healthy peer feedback culture

The best places to work use Lattice Learn why 5,000+ leaders use Lattice

Learn why 5,000+ leaders use Lattice

People Success is Business Success

Performance management employees love

Help employees understand how they can impact the company and their careers with performance reviews, goal-setting, and effective 1:1s.

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Act on employee feedback, turn your company into the best place to work

Collect feedback using surveys, pulses, and eNPS to understand and act on how your employees feel about work.

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A Lattice product screenshot highlighting how an employee can easily give peers praise for embodying a company value.

Growth and development for the new world of work

Integrated employee growth & development drives talent acceleration, connecting employee growth and business impact.

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Best-in-class support and custom implementations

At Lattice, we’re passionate about your success. We offer rollouts at a pace that meets your needs, with the ability to scale up over time. What’s more, with customer support teams in Europe and the US we offer always-on, expert guidance when you need it.

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Join the world’s largest HR community

Resources For Humans is a global, free community of HR leaders, facilitated by Lattice. Get advice, share ideas, and connect with a community of over 15,000 like-minded individuals.

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