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RfH Career Conversations: Thinking Strategically and Acting Tactically

According to Inc., “Strategic Work is the work you do to design your business, and Tactical Work is the work you do to implement the design created by Strategic Work.” Both strategic work and tactical work are required for organizations to succeed, but it’s hard for people to strike the right balance — some get stuck in the trenches doing tactical work and not spending enough time on strategic work, and vice versa. And this imbalance can then have a negative impact on your team and the organization’s long-term goals!

If this struggle sounds familiar, join HR leaders and Resources for Humans community members Adrienne Barnard and Laurie Horsman for an interactive session where you’ll learn how to strike a balance.

This session includes interactive group discussions on finding the strategic and tactical work in HR and People team roles from examples submitted by attendees. Come ready for discussion!

In this program, you will learn:

•  Defining strategic and tactical work

•  How to be both - strategic and tactical - in your role

•  8 tips to work tactically while being strategic

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