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RfH Career Conversations: Finding Your Voice in People Ops

According to an article in Forbes, 70% of us have experienced imposter syndrome at some point in our lives. In a professional setting, good leadership means effectively communicating, motivating, and delegating, and it’s hard to do that confidently when you have doubts about your own skills or work.

The truth is that the world needs the message that only you can share, which makes fostering your voice at work crucial for your long-term professional success. In this career development conversation, Adrienne Barnard, SVP of People Operations at Mainstay and Resources for Humans Ambassador, and Laurie Horsman, Global VP of People at AnyClip, will discuss the importance of finding your voice as an HR leader and how to harness this power in the workplace. Don't just sit at the table, speak and lead at the table!

Attendees will learn:

- How to find your voice and create your brand

- How to effectively “focus” your voice in the workplace

- Actionable frameworks for applying these tips that best fit you

Along with a Q&A segment with the panelists, attendees will have the opportunity to enter breakout rooms for their own “find your voice” exercise.

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