Rethinking Employee Performance in a Hybrid World

Three-quarters of organizations have now embraced hybrid working.  It’s increasingly apparent that when managers and employees are apart, it requires intentional effort to keep everyone aligned and foster a high-performing culture. 

So, what does ‘intentional effort’ look like in practice?  

HR teams have many tools at their disposal – performance management, goal setting, engagement surveys, growth and development.  But many are still grappling with bringing this all together to drive their people and their business forward in the hybrid world.

Join Lattice for this webinar replay where a panel of HR leaders to discuss how to drive a high-performance hybrid culture.  Sign up for the webinar and you’ll learn how to:

  • Keep everyone aligned through asynchronous feedback and OKRs
  • Embed continuous performance conversations
  • Maintain the cadence of employee growth and development

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