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From Data to Decisions: Leveraging eNPS Trends for HR Success

Your company's Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) serves as a crucial indicator of employee engagement.

It’s a quantifiable statistic encapsulating the employee experience. But it’s not without its challenges.  eNPS is hard to benchmark, and deciphering norms across demographics can be a bit of a head scratcher.  Then there’s implementing rebound strategies, and effectively communicating what it all means to execs. 

So, how can you use eNPS to improve the employee experience, not just measure it?

Join Amanda Myton, Director of Lattice’s People Strategy Group, Ryan Benkeser, Senior Data Scientist and Colby Nesbitt, Ph.D., Senior Manager of People Analytics, for an upcoming discussion where you’ll learn:

  • Current eNPS trends: overall and by employee demographics 
  • Impactful rebounding strategies
  • Effective communication tactics to address eNPS Shifts

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