Reinventing HR's Outdated Reputation

HR teams are not what they once were…the HR function has evolved dramatically in recent years and is now doing and delivering more than ever before.

But many peoples’ perceptions of HR haven’t kept pace with the realities of this brave new world of people success.

In episode three of our For The Love of People series, Managing Director of HR Star, Kelly Tucker, joins us to share the insights, tips and tricks she’s learned on her journey to reinventing HR’s outdated reputation.

Kelly has a strong presence on Linkedin where she’s been challenging some of HR’s more outdated stereotypes and shining light on some of the blind spots for some time, so we can’t wait to hear what we uncover during our deep dive.

In this webinar we discuss

•  HR’s image makeover in recent years

•  The pros and cons on in-house vs outsourced HR teams

•  The common challenges most businesses share

•  Why you can’t ignore red flags (even from your top performers)

•  How to avoid the New Year resignation rush

Download the slides

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