People Success in Practice: Writing Great Review Questions and Forms

Writing review questions can be one of the toughest parts of orchestrating a review cycle. It's hard to know what constitutes a "good" question; how many questions is too many; the extent to which downward and self reviews should have parallel constructions... But together, we can make it easier.

In the first installment of our People Success in Practice: Lattice Advisory Services* webinar series, People pros Julia Markish and Russell Lobsenz answer these very questions, and more. Tune in to learn how they rethought the review-writing process for an update to Lattice’s template library — and how you can do the same. Plus you’ll get a sneak peek at Lattice’s new set of review templates.

*Lattice Advisory Services helps People leaders identify and execute on the People strategies that fit their unique needs — strategies that create value for their companies and meaning for their employees.

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