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“Clarity is Kindness” – How Monzo have kept pace with hypergrowth

Monzo’s rise to success and industry-leading status has been frankly remarkable. As a mission-driven start-up entering the often archaic world of financial institutions, Monzo was always going to have to carve out its own path, and Tara Ryan has been a crucial part of that journey.

Joining Monzo with no prior HR experience and overseeing the growth of the business from 40 to 2700 employees, Tara has learned that when it comes to keeping pace with hypergrowth, investing in your people programs is never a bad decision. 

In episode 5 of our ‘For The Love of People’ series we’ll cover:

• Entering a HR role without prior experience

• How “transparency” is very different at 2700 compared to 40 staff

• The need to be clear and consistent with your culture laws

• Avoiding the growth of misaligned microcultures

• Why sharing good work is net positive for all of us

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