Defining Your Culture Through Hard Times

It’s easy for companies to say they’re people first when things are going well, but during challenging periods, that culture that you worked so hard to build is really put to the test. Through our hundreds of customer interactions and through our relationship with a community of HR leaders, we’ve seen firsthand how hard this crisis has been on their ability to maintain culture as companies are forced to evolve and adapt. Lattice’s CEO Jack Altman will talk through research on what companies and HR teams are struggling with, and how the basic principles of people strategy can still help people leaders steady the culture and performance ship, even when going through an unprecedented crisis.

What you will learn:

  • Insights from Lattice’s survey of HR leaders’ COVID-19 response 
  • Learnings from Lattice’s customer COVID-19 engagement survey results.
  • The best practices for staying true to “people strategy” basics like continuous feedback, manager check-ins, engagement surveys, and engagement action plans.

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