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Fred Stevens-Smith on How to Build a Culture That Scales

Every company has a set of values; principles that guide an organization's internal conduct, and its relationship with customers. These values get announced at company-wide meetings, memorialized on the internal wiki, printed out on big posters, and then listed on the marketing site for customers to see. But how do you make sure these values actually mean something? How do these values impact your company culture on a daily basis?

In this episode of Resources for Humans, Fred shares how Rainforest QA's company values manifest in their culture and management philosophy.

  • [3:34] How to build culture around your company values
  • [6:05] Fred shares Rainforest QAs values and what they mean
  • [8:10] What's culture, how do you impact it, and where do your employees fit in
  • [10:34] What's the role of management
  • [14:35] How Rainforest QA approaches feedback
  • [17:55] The importance of KPI and goal based management
  • [19:55 ] What Fred learned / didn't learn at Y Combinator