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Tools for people managers

Management is hard. You not only have to make sure your team is getting work done, but you need to make sure everyone is happy and developing along the way.

Lattice brings all the management tools you need under one roof, so you can streamline the management process and help your people succeed.


Manage your team with Lattice

Set expectations

Work with your team to create goals for the coming quarter or year.

Structure 1:1s

Collaborate on an agenda and capture next steps.

Get feedback

Ask for feedback on direct reports, and get a pulse on how your team is performing. 

Celebrate wins

Highlight team wins, and see how other people value your team’s efforts.

Stay in the loop

Get a status update every week to see work progress, and see how the team is feeling. 

Team Reviews

Collect formal feedback from peers and individuals on performance.

Team Dashboard

The dashboard gives managers a birds-eye view on how their team is doing. From the dashboard, managers can see their team’s feedback, update 1:1 agendas, track goals, and manage review cycles.

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