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Make performance reviews meangingful

Design reviews that uncover talent, inspire growth, and drive meaningful conversations

Run performance reviews your way

Lattice’s performance management solution adapts to your needs, whether you run annual performance reviews, quarterly development cycles, project-based, or automated reviews.

From progress tracking to calibrations, review cycle management made easy

Whether you are customizing your cycle with automatic rules, making adjustments mid cycle, or looking to streamline your calibration progress with in-line notes and tags, Lattice’s templates, workflows, and administrative dashboards let you painlessly design, launch, and run reviews your way.

Performance reviews employees love

Give employees and managers the information they need to write more holistic and accurate reviews.

  • Peer feedback
  • Goals & OKR integration
  • Streamlined workflow
  • View current and next-level job descriptions

Instant and actionable performance insights

Powerful People analytics tools to help you make the best decisions about your people, identify strong performers, and manage your workforce talent.

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How Lattice Makes Performance Reviews Enjoyable at Turo

Introducting Kim

Learn how to run a high-impact review cycle

HR’s Complete Guide to
Employee Performance Reviews

Ensure performance reviews are effective and impactful, both for your employees and your business, and create a review process with clear objectives and less bias, built on a foundation of continuous feedback.

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