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People Strategy Group

Reimagine your people programs 
to drive business results

Whether your organization struggles to hit quarterly targets or create a winning culture, our People Strategy Group is here to help you thrive.

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We work with winning teams

Build a winning business with 
new ways of working

Trade ineffective people programs for ones that engage and inspire.

Modernize your people programs

Roll out OKR, performance, listening, career, and compensation programs that drive tangible results.

Learn from and build alongside 
the experts

Leverage the collective wisdom of industry operators with 100+ years of people strategy experience to craft the right programs for your team.

Boost business performance

Align your team, set clear expectations, and increase engagement to meet the moment in 
the ever-evolving world of work.

Take any people program to the next level

Refine your people strategy to ensure high performance and drive better business outcomes.

Hit company targets

Roll out a successful OKR program that is adopted across your organization

Drive accountability

Create a culture of continuous feedback to drive peak performance

Improve team culture

Capture key insights to make your team happier and more productive

Elevate your team

Create clear career tracks, job levels, competencies, and more

Set fair salary bands

Launch transparent, performance-driven compensation strategies

Learn from the best

Tackle any people priority on your to-do list by engaging with our team

“When you share your strategy and a PSG expert provokes thought in those conversations and asks difficult questions, all of that builds confidence throughout the process. So we knew that again, we’re not just buying a product, we’re buying a partner in this journey.”

J.D. Slaughter — Group Vice President, Organizational Development & Effectiveness , Huge

Learn from operators who’ve done it

When you engage with the People Strategy Group, you’re working with 
the brightest minds in HR strategy.

Dave Carhart

VP, People Strategy Group

Julia Markish

Director, People Strategy Group

Amanda Myton

Talent Management Practice Lead, Principal Strategist

Reid Koster

OKR & Goals Practice Lead, Senior Strategist

Matt Raskin

OKR & Goals Strategist

Jeenie Yoon

Customer Education Program Manager

Amy Palmer

VP of Revenue Marketing


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