RfH Insights Webinar: Battling Burnout at Work

Burnout is a global crisis harmful to both companies and employees in the long run since burnt out employees are less motivated and more likely to switch jobs. Faced with a pandemic and other unprecedented challenges, it’s no surprise that burnout is appearing more frequently among both remote and onsite employees.

As the people that employees seek help from in times of crisis, HR teams are especially exhausted and facing their own burnout troubles. In this webinar with a licensed psychotherapist, attendees will learn about the harmful effects burnout can have on your brain, how to recognize and prevent burnout (both in yourself and employees), what “taking time for yourself” really looks like, and more.

More about Jenna Decou:
As a licensed psychotherapist, I have been providing expansive and affirming mental health care throughout the greater Bay Area for close to a decade. I specialize in helping my clients create fulfilling, values-aligned lives, with a focus on preventing and recovering from burnout in a productivity-focused world.

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