Working It Out

Real people tell true stories about the moments that changed their career

December 13, 2019
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In this ebook, you'll meet some people who have had exceptional experiences like games industry icon Tim Schafer, who made his name working for George Lucas; or Julia Grace, who leads a team of engineers at Slack, the fastest-growing business software company in history. But you۪'ll also meet people who have tackled everyday challenges: bartenders with troublesome customers, team players who felt stuck on their career path.

What you'll discover is that even when the context is radically different, we're all trying to solve the same kinds of problems. Everybody faces challenges, turning points, and moments where they have to rely on the support and insight of those around them. Everybody needs friends, mentors, and managers. If you need help, maybe reading these stories will help you think of ways to find assistance. And if you're in the position to assist those around you? Perhaps it will give you some thoughts on how to step up, how to be a better mentor or manager.

And, whoever you are, maybe it will help you realize that improvement is never finished we're all still working it out.


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