Drive focus and progress with real-time status updates

Proactively track progress, overcome obstacles, and ensure everyone is aligned.


Employees, flag obstacles and keep your team up-to-date

Employees respond to update questions to show their team what they’re working on and where they need help. HR teams and managers can customize questions and set the right cadence to match your organization’s tempo.

Photo of Landon Pearson
The 1:1s and Weekly Updates have been a great way for me to understand what each person on my team is doing and, more importantly, how I can support and guide them by removing barriers and providing direction.
Landon Pearson
Chief People Officer

Managers, understand how your people are doing and know how to help

Check the temperature of your team with a simple question each week. This aggregates over time to understand your employee sentiment.

Photo of Julia Karnezis
I literally cannot imagine a scenario where we didn’t have access to Updates or 1:1s. I don’t even remember what life was like before. There’s no way we could have managed shifting from working in the office to everyone working from home without that kind of communication capability.
Julia Karnezis
Director of People

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