Celebrate outstanding performance

Share public praise to recognize hard work, celebrate wins, and reinforce high performance.


Show how employees live your company values

Put company values front and center. By adding those values to Praise, you can more easily and visibly reinforce cultural strength and alignment.

Photo of Greg Erickson
You can praise a colleague in any Slack channel, in an email with the email add-on, or right in the Lattice platform.
Greg Erickson
People Team

Make praise visible where your people are

Praise is most effective when it’s public. Celebrate praiseworthy work in Lattice, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and in your offices to integrate feedback into the flow of work.

Photo of Doreen Ghafari
When somebody gives really good positive feedback using Praise, it almost always sets off a chain reaction throughout the day. Once one person does it, there'll be five others who give shoutouts because it becomes top of mind again. That's definitely been a huge, delightful side effect of the feedback functionality.
Doreen Ghafari
Head of People

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