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Lattice is the #1 AI-enhanced people platform that turns managers into leaders, employees into high-performers, and companies into the best places to work.

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Our daily values

We’re looking for people who align with our value framework.

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How we see each other

Ship, shipmate, self

We are one team, working towards a common goal. Success and growth as a team also mean more opportunity for us individually.

We look out for our shipmates and know they're looking out for us.

We are all company owners and act like it.

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How we work

Chop wood, carry water

The best work is done when we fall in love with the process of becoming great, rather than obsessing over the end result. We recognize that greatness is exhausting, unglamorous, and occurs as the byproduct of faithfulness to our process and passion for our craft.

So we work to surrender the outcome and keep persisting after everyone else has gone home and nobody is watching.

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How we see ourselves

Clear eyes

We approach our work, colleagues, customers, and ourselves with clarity and honesty. We harness pragmatism as a superpower.

We believe that starting from a place of truth will make us successful and happy in the long run.

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How we see the world

What's next

We have an insatiable appetite to grow, to improve, and to look for the next horizon.

Whenever we arrive at a destination, we see it as the beginning of a new journey. Our work will never be done.

Lattice belonging

At Lattice, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging are not just an “initiative;” it's a business priority that is part of everything we do — across our strategy, programs, and processes. It’s an essential part of making work meaningful for everyone.

API at Lattice

API at Lattice advocates and fosters a sense of inclusion dedicated to supporting the diverse and multicultural Asian & Pacific Islander employees through community, empowerment, and education.

Families at Lattice

Families at Lattice helps parents and caregivers feel they 
can bring their whole selves to work as the providers of 
care for others — whether for a child, a family member, 
or community member. 

forEach at Lattice

forEach at Lattice makes a difference by supporting the development of community, personal growth, and continued learning for members of Lattice engineering with under-represented genders. forEach partners with Lattice leadership and allies to increase representation and share our voice.

Latinx/é at Lattice

Latinx/é at Lattice develops a supportive and uplifting network of employees to promote the cultural diversity of the Latinx/é community and aid in the professional development of its members in line with Lattice’s mission of ‘Better Together’.

Obsidian at Lattice

Obsidian at Lattice drives to celebrate, amplify, and support the professional and personal journeys of the Black community at Lattice. Through community building, storytelling, and collaboration, we strive to create a more inclusive workplace for the Black community at Lattice.

PRIDE at Lattice

PRIDE at Lattice promotes an affirmation of the unique intersectionality of identities that make up the LGBTQIA+ individuals at Lattice. Through education, professional development, workplace collaboration, mentorship, and community outreach we strive to foster an inclusive environment for our LGBTQIA+ Latticians, allies, and surrounding communities.

A chart showing responses to the question "Which of the following software tools and platforms do you use to manage your company's HR data and operations? Select all that apply." Responses are categorized by type of HR tech, and whether the respondents indicated how successfully they are meeting their goals, including "exceeding all of your goals," "meeting all of your goals," "meeting most of your goals," and "falling short of many goals."|

Thrive at Lattice

Thrive at Lattice drives inclusive accountability for Latticians to have equal access and opportunity to succeed in the workplace through community engagement, educational awareness, and establishing business best practices rooted in accessibility for all.

Women at Lattice

Women at Lattice advances the professional development and empowerment of women at Lattice through education, mentorship, and cross-functional connection, with the ultimate goal of building a more inclusive workplace. 

Yachad at Lattice

Yachad fosters a vibrant and safe community for Jewish people at Lattice by educating individuals curious about the history and values of Judaism and hosting events around Jewish holidays, traditions, and culture.

Global headcount

Two or more races

Managers headcount

Two or more races

Life at Lattice

We invest in the personal and professional growth of every Lattician (member of our team) because we believe growth leads to both business impact and personal fulfillment.

Illustration of San Francisco

San Francisco

The majority of the office is based in SF. We eat way too many burritos from Senor Sisig.

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We’ve recently secured a NYC office. Help us continue to grow.

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Our new London office is home to our EMEA team. Come and join us!

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Prefer someplace else?
We're open to that too.

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a man and a woman sitting at a table with laptopsa group of people are posing for a picturea woman sitting in a chair holding a cell phonetwo men wearing t - shirts with stickers on thema couple of men sitting next to each other on laptopsa group of people posing for a picturea man sitting on a couch using a laptop computera woman holding a piece of cake in her hands
a man and a woman sitting at a table with laptopsa group of people are posing for a picturea woman sitting in a chair holding a cell phonetwo men wearing t - shirts with stickers on thema couple of men sitting next to each other on laptopsa group of people posing for a picturea man sitting on a couch using a laptop computera woman holding a piece of cake in her hands

What makes us special

Lattice builds software that enables teams to build stronger, more transparent relationships and do their best work. We believe everything we do at Lattice should have the same goal, which is why we prioritize our values, how we lead, how we work, and how we learn & grow.

These are practices that we live and breathe every day — for both ourselves and our customers. Lattice's culture embodies the company's and the product's evolution, along with all of the things we've learned from our people and our customers alike.

Our people and culture are our secret weapons.

Open positions

Important Update:

Lattice has seen instances where scammers are using Lattice’s name to contact their victims.

  • Lattice will never ask anyone to receive a check or payment, or request any form of payment for any purpose during the recruiting process.
  • Lattice will never request that office equipment or other purchases be made by any candidate upfront

Lattice personnel will only contact you via email from these systems (with emails sent by a recruiter at

  • Email
  • ModernLoop 
  • Greenhouse

Additional outreach is done via LinkedIn (you can check that a recruiter is indeed working at Lattice with the verification badge on their LinkedIn profile). If you are in doubt about communication received, please contact job-seekers [at]