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Lattice supports each of us to focus on doing our best work and not be burdened with clunky systems that subscribe to outdated notions of performance management.
Katelin Holloway  —  VP of People at Reddit
People Leaders use Lattice to build a continuous performance management process
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Discover how People Leaders everywhere are transforming their approach to performance, engagement, and development.


Performance management employees love

Employees know how they can impact the company and their careers.


Reflect on individual performance and get formal feedback from peers and managers alike. Rich context is built-in so you save time and don’t forget anyone’s accomplishments or improvement areas.


Drive performance across your company by injecting Goals and OKRs into the flow of work. Set, track, and crush goals with Lattice.


Get the context you need for a productive conversation. Collaborative agendas and action items with Goals, Feedback, and Growth Plans integrated mean your conversations are continuous and impactful.


Don’t wait until the annual performance review, build a culture of continuous feedback. Lattice enables teams to give and receive the feedback that fuels growth from wherever they work.


Recognize and celebrate employee wins with Praise that everyone can see — in Lattice, in Slack, around your office, or integrated anywhere.


Prioritize the most important work and clear obstacles with Updates that keep your manager and your whole company on the same page.

Loved by Employees

Finally a performance management platform that just makes it easy! Easy to use, simple to understand, and does everything you need and nothing you don’t. Writing, giving, and receiving reviews are a much more streamlined and less stressful process with Lattice.
Chipper N.  —  Senior Manager, Acquisitions (SEO & Paid Media)
I like that Lattice offers a full picture of my progress and development as an employee. I can be honest about what I think about my progress, I can get feedback easily from the people I work most closely with, and I can receive public praise for a job well done!
Emily I.  —  Content Marketer
Best performance management software out there! I am now able to keep track of my goals on a week by week basis as well as have updated goals for the future. Highly recommend Lattice performance management for managers/employees alike.
David C.  —  Recruitment Coordinator
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People Management Library

People Management Library

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