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When Employees Are ‘Too Busy’ for Learning & Development

For L&D strategies to succeed, you need to ensure you’re getting employee participation. But too often, these programs struggle with adoption. Why? There simply aren’t enough hours in the day. The solution is to make learning an everyday habit, not an isolated event. In this session, you’ll hear from HR and L&D professionals on how to put employees back in the driver’s seat of their career growth. From normalizing growth conversations with managers to establishing expectations for learning in the flow of work, you’ll leave with practical tips for delivering an L&D program that empowers your team to embrace continuous learning.

Justin Phalichanh

SVP, Global Talent Development & Product Enablement, Kinesso

Meredith Fish

VP of People & Culture, Workramp

Premo Ojokojo

Global Head of People Operations, AZA Finance

Sarah Walker

Head of People, LTSE