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STAGE 2 | Product Keynote
Product Keynote

Lattice's Platform Vision and This Year's Launches

The role of HR is not just transforming— it’s becoming transformative. Software needs to automate the basics and enable elevated decision-making so the work itself can become more easily leveraged. We kick off our product keynote with Lattice’s biggest product launch of 2023 and then look ahead toward our vision for what a people management platform can be. Join us for a closer look at the past, present, and future of HR and the Lattice Platform.

Eric Schuchman

Chief Product Officer, Lattice

Julian Clarke

Director of Product Marketing, Lattice

Ryan Hinshaw

Director of Product Management, Lattice

Kerry Wheeler

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Lattice

Caroline Fay

Group Product Marketing Manager, Lattice

Amaury Sablon

Product Marketing Manager, Lattice

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