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MAIN STAGE | keynote

Building a Culture of Excellence

We’re in a new era where HR leaders are expected to be drivers of operational and organizational excellence — not just compliance and culture. When done well, the role of CPO looks more like a major operational business leader or COO. In this insightful keynote, Lattice CEO Jack Altman shares his observations and insights about how HR’s role has transformed. He’ll also be joined by members of the Lattice leadership team who will preview how Lattice is expanding its platform to support strategic HR leaders in their critical work, including our biggest launch in 7 years.

Jack Altman

Co-Founder, Lattice

Jared Erondu

SVP, Design, Lattice

Cara Brennan Allamano

Chief People Officer, Lattice

Stan Massueras

General Manager, International, Lattice

Eric Schuchman

Chief Product Officer, Lattice

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