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Bringing DEIB Back Into Focus

High scrutiny and low budgets have forced organizations to make uncomfortable cuts in 2023, and often DEIB programs—and positions— are the first on the chopping block. But looking at the data, DEIB investment is closely connected to employee engagement, performance, and retention, all of which are critical differentiators for building a culture of excellence. In this panel, HR leaders will discuss how they demonstrate the value of DEIB to stakeholders, how they measure program success, and strategies you can employ to secure investment moving forward.

Maurice Tuiasosopo Bell

Senior Director, DEIB & People Analytics, Lattice

Toni Howard Lowe

Chief Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Officer, Huge Inc.

Lauren Dai

COO & Co-founder, Cocoon

Dwetri Addy

VP of Equity, Culture, and People Development, StitchFix

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