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Lattice is the complete people success platform that helps you put people first. When people succeed, your business succeeds.

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The Lattice People Success Platform

Visual of the Performance product by Lattice

Performance management employees love

Ensure your employees are in the driver's seat with tools built for their success.

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Visual of the Compensation product by Lattice

Compensation reviews, simplified

Connect performance and compensation to drive employee engagement and retention

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Visual of the Analytics product by Lattice

Connected people insights for data-driven HR decisions

Drive impact and innovation with advanced people analytics.

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Visual of the OKRs & Goals product by Lattice

Align your team around what matters most to your business

Bridge the gap between people operations and business operations.

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Visual of the Grow product by Lattice

Develop your people, drive performance

Transform talent management into talent acceleration.

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Visual of the Engagement product by Lattice

Act on employee feedback, build a winning culture

Engaged employees deliver business results. Collect feedback from everyone in the organization, find insights, and plan for effective action to build the culture you want.

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