Lattice Payroll

Build a pay-for-performance culture,
from strategy to execution.

Payroll is the electricity of your business — unnoticed when it works, but catastrophic when it doesn't.

We know how much it matters to get employee pay right. That's why we've simplified payroll, removing tech-related stress so you can focus on what matters. The best payroll experiences feel weightless, with smooth data flow, no duplicate entries, and clear visibility for everyone involved.

Lattice Payroll integrates seamlessly with our HRIS and Talent Suite, connecting performance reviews to compensation discussions, and ensuring pay reaches employees accurately and on time. It’s designed to provide HR and finance with the insights needed to move the business forward, together.

Experience payroll as it should be
— effortless and error free.

Meet Lattice Payroll

Payroll that seamlessly integrates with the world’s most trusted talent suite.

Align pay with performance

Report on employee compensation to ensure top performers are rewarded fairly.

Simplify employee onboarding

Capture essential information for seamless payroll and administrative onboarding.

Approve with confidence

Review, deny, and approve timesheets with one click.

Worry-free withholdings

Manage benefit deductions and stay compliant with federal, state, and local tax filing requirements.

Track year-over-year payroll trends

Access dashboards and insights to understand payroll spend in real time.

Reduce questions with sleek paystubs

Let employees view and manage their paystubs in a clean, self-service interface.

Catch errors with AI

Prevent accidental overages and pay surprises with AI-powered anomaly detection.

Clock in. Clock out.

Frustration-free and fast timecard entry.

Connect your talent programs and payroll

Engineered to ensure your business operates flawlessly from comp decisions to employee payslips.

Designed to reduce administrative overhead

Minimize data entry and separate systems with a seamless experience built to align HR and finance.

Error-free pay cycles
with AI

Proactively detect potential payroll errors before they turn into expensive problems.

You can’t afford to get pay wrong.

Get it right with Lattice.

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