Unlock the potential of 
your employees and teams with this definitive guide 
to people management.

a Wall Street Journal Bestseller

This book is all about people strategy — the set 
of practices that determine 
how you acquire, retain, 
and grow your employees 

in order to better accomplish your company’s mission.

Companies put a lot of strategic planning into creating clear go-to-market and product strategies each year. Why aren't we doing the same for defining our people strategy? Since our people are the foundation upon which all other business strategies are built, it’s critical that we not only plan how our companies will engage with them but also how they will achieve their goals.

Over the years working with thousands of companies, Lattice has learned what it means to be a people-centric company: a company that puts people at the center of everything it does and what it takes to be such a company. We want to give executives, HR leaders, and even managers a framework for transforming their company into one that's people-centric, building and maintaining a healthy culture of high performance.

Your people are your competitive advantage. Putting them first, keeping them engaged, and aligning personal growth with company success is key to company success.

In this book, we'll give actionable examples and advice on how to:

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Establish the values that will form the bedrock of your organization.

The foundational beliefs to help you hire people who will enrich your company’s culture.

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Develop feedback processes that help employees feel heard, supported, and equipped to succeed.

Feedback — both constructive and positive — should be consistent, continuous, and free-flowing so that no performance review is a surprise.

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Monitor the breadth and depth of employee engagement in your company.

A strong company culture doesn’t just crop up magically. It takes conscious effort to measure, foster, and maintain.

Engagement Surveys

Use the data and insights created by your People Strategy to drive business results.

By tracking key People metrics and reporting, HR is better equipped to tell the story of how People strategy sets the company up for long-term success.

Learn to unlock the potential 
of your employees and colleagues

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What People Are Saying

Through his experiences in building and leading a high-growth HRTech company and partnering closely with People teams across industries, Jack captures the spirit and tactics of building resilient performance cultures. The takeaways here will help any business leader who cares about people, culture, and performance more fully realize their potential.

Katelin Holloway

Katelin Holloway
People and Culture Executive.
Founding Partner at Seven Seven Six

People leaders: make your CEO read this book! Jack makes a crystal clear case for investing in People as a primary component of business strategy. This book is the key to getting the buy in to strategically invest in People and unlock the culture you want.

Heather Doshay

Heather Doshay
VP, People at Webflow

The team you build is the company you build. No matter how many times people hear that business is all about people, the average business leader still somehow underweights its importance. Jack's book takes a close look at the craft of strategic HR leaders, and the role they can help play in building generational companies.

Keith Rabois

Keith Rabois
Technology Executive and Investor. General partner at Founders Fund

Jack Altman

Jack Altman is the CEO and cofounder of Lattice, 
a performance management and employee engagement platform Lattice serves over 2,500 leading companies, including Reddit, Slack, Cruise, and more. Lattice has been called the next billion-dollar startup by Forbes, and Altman is a frequently requested speaker at HR industry conferences.

Prior to launching Lattice, Jack was the VP of Business 
and Corporate Development at Teespring, an e-commerce platform. Jack was also an early stage venture capital investor in companies like Opendoor, Flexport, and PlanGrid. Jack earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics from Princeton.

About Lattice

Lattice is the people management platform that enables leaders 
to develop engaged, high-performing teams.

By combining performance management, employee engagement, 
and employee development, Lattice provides powerful, real-time 
insights through analytics. Based in San Francisco, Lattice serves 
over 2,500 customers and was ranked no. 22 on the 2020 Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies list.