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Lattice integrates SMART goals into everything your teams do – and the results are tangible: more aligned and productive 1:1s, actionable, targeted feedback, and stronger performance centered on shared success. With Lattice, you can’t help but be successful with your SMART goals.

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Every organization is different and needs a unique people strategy. With our six defined models, anchor on a set of practices to build your people program.

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Semi-Annual Reviews and Surveys

Semi-Annual Reviews and Quarterly Surveys

Quarterly Reviews and Semi-Annual Surveys

Quarterly Reviews and Surveys

Annual Reviews and Semi-Annual Surveys

Flexibility for Project-Based Work

In fast-paced environments, implementing a 4x2 program model empowers managers to give relevant, timely feedback. This approach aligns well with quarterly goal setting, meaning that OKRs could end up guiding much of the evaluation. Another way to distinguish quarterly reviews like these is to break them out into two categories: performance reviews and development reviews. For example, traditional performance reviews might occur in January with development reviews scheduled every quarter for the rest of the year. These lightweight reviews encourage teams to reflect on the prior quarter and set and check in on career development goals as well.

Who should choose this model?

  • Those with predictable growth
  • Few abrupt changes in business or market 
  • Roles and responsibilities shift quickly

Listen to the voice of your employees, at scale

Your employees want to feel heard. Listen, reflect, and respond to engagement feedback to retain top talent as your business grows.

Activate every employee with clear goals and OKRs

Bridge the gap between people operations and business operations.

Employee development for the new world of work

Transform talent management into talent acceleration.

Individual Development Plans

Easy-to-launch plans that your employees will actually use


Make employee expectations crystal clear.

Career tracks

Illuminate pathways toward career advancement.

Growth Plans

Turn managers into career coaches.

Connected people insights for data-driven HR decisions

Drive impact and innovation with advanced people analytics.

AI-powered Sentiment Analysis

Learn how your employees really feel.

Unified dashboards

Connect data from performance, engagement, development, and more.

Actionable insights

Confidently answer the toughest culture questions.

Continuous analytics

Keep a real-time pulse on your people.

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We never had a tool that made it easy to facilitate development… Lattice Grow is the missing piece to holistic talent management.”

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Lattice collected our feedback directly. As a customer, it was great. It made us feel like they were building the feature just for us.”

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We ultimately we went with Lattice because it was simple and easy to use for admins and users.”

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