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An integrated employee development solution that helps companies make expectations crystal clear, turn managers into career coaches, and give employees agency over their growth.

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It’s time to invest in your people

Lattice transforms your people strategy by connecting performance management, employee engagement, and career development in one unified solution.

Visual of the Performance product by Lattice

Performance management employees love

Ensure your employees are in the driver's seat with tools built for their success.

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Visual of the Compensation product by Lattice

Compensation reviews, simplified

Connect performance and compensation to drive employee engagement and retention

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Visual of the Analytics product by Lattice

Connected people insights for data-driven HR decisions

Drive impact and innovation with advanced people analytics.

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Visual of the OKRs & Goals product by Lattice

Align your team around what matters most to your business

Bridge the gap between people operations and business operations.

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Visual of the Grow product by Lattice

Develop your people, drive performance

Transform talent management into talent acceleration.

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Visual of the Engagement product by Lattice

Act on employee feedback, build a winning culture

Engaged employees deliver business results. Collect feedback from everyone in the organization, find insights, and plan for effective action to build the culture you want.

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Run review cycles that work for your organization

Whether you run annual reviews, quarterly development cycles, or project-based reviews, Lattice adapts to your needs.

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Uncover growth opportunities and bolster your workforce with an informed talent strategy.

Streamline top-down talent reviews to gain deeper insights into your current talent, reduce bias, and enhance overall performance.

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Ensure productive communication between managers and reports

Make meetings more effective by getting the context you need for a productive conversation.

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Optimize performance through a culture of continuous feedback

Receive cross-functional feedback all year round, and use Lattice AI to summarize it all to help write a quality performance review when the time comes.

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Prioritize the most important work and clear obstacles

Ensure everyone is on the same page about progress toward goals, where your team needs help, and how everyone is feeling with Updates.

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Take the guesswork out of your pay strategy

Get accurate market benchmarks based on role, level, geography and more to inform your compensation rates. Powered by Mercer.

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Data-driven, centralized compensation cycles

Run organization-wide merit cycles with clear budget tracking, secure sharing, and all the context you need to make smart and fair decisions.

Make confident DEIB decisions

Get powerful insights that help you build a happier, healthier, and more productive workplace environment for all employees.

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Understand employee participation and identify areas for improvement

Your Adoption Dashboard shows everything you need to monitor, report, and improve employee participation across your people programs.

Give managers real-time insights to lead effectively

With analytics and alerts, managers have the tools they need to provide targeted support and development opportunities to their direct reports.

Align teams around objectives and focus on impact

Activate employees and accelerate business growth with Objectives & Key Results.

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Prioritize the most important work and clear obstacles

Use Goals to ensure team objectives align with your organization's success metrics. Lattice provides an easy way to connect individual goals to department and company-wide targets.

Provide transparency around development

Your employees want to grow. Ensure they know how. With competency matrices, each employee will be clear on their role expectations and understand their path to career advancement.

Improve retention through continuous career development

Empower employees to drive their own career growth. Our easy-to-launch Individual Development Plans help employees achieve meaningful, continuous growth.

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Ditch the spreadsheets for clearly defined paths

Career tracks and templates help you effortlessly manage role expectations as your company evolves.

Ensure development isn't an afterthought

Integrating career conversations into everyday manager-employee conversations helps guide company-wide growth.

Gather real-time data about how your people feel about work

Drive action and measure your impact with a continuous, real-time understanding of employee engagement.

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Optimize the moments that matter for every employee

Act on the feedback from onboarding and exit surveys — it could be the difference between regrettable attrition and long-term employee retention.

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Turn every employee into a promoter

Continuously measure your company’s employee experience with Employee Net Promoter Score®, and quickly identify sentiment with one question.

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Use actionable insights to improve your culture

Deep-dive engagement surveys help you get to the bottom of how you can improve every employee’s experience at your company.

Analyze your survey results in seconds – not days.  

Lattice AI automatically analyzes your results and open-ended feedback to deliver a key driver analysis, comment trends, and recommendations on how to take action to improve as soon as you close your survey. 

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Meet the people leaders who choose Lattice

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We chose Lattice because it was highly configurable and gave us the ability to easily customize it to fit our needs.
Photo of Steve Pratt
Steve Pratt
Director of Learning & Development
We chose Lattice because it did performance management really, really well and had all the other people functions we were looking for. It felt like the perfect fit for us
Photo of Julie Honor
Julie Honor
General Counsel
Having everything in one platform, with all our data intertwined, gives us insights on what we can do as a People and Culture team, and even as an organization, to support or address areas of opportunity.
Photo of Kyle Teague
Kyle Teague
Director of Learning and Development
I tried to avoid having 10 different platforms to manage our employees and there is no other platform that combines engagement, growth, and feedback like Lattice does. That was a final driver for our decision to make the switch.
Photo of Maren Stieler
Maren Stieler
Director of HR
T.A. Cook
We created an action plan based on the precise data and themes, which Lattice helped us customize.
Photo of Melisa Guerbi
Melisa Guerbi
Director of People and Culture
Now that we have this tool in place, everything lives on that platform. Should someone depart the company or if there’s an org change, those new managers have access to historical data which they didn’t have access to before when past assessments were locked away in personal email folders.
Photo of Andrew Tuchfeld
Andrew Tuchfeld
People Business Partner

Why high-performing teams choose Lattice

Lattice offers connected Performance, Engagement, and Development modules to maximize your most valuable asset: your people.

Simplify your HR tech stack to work better together

Leverage all of the talent products a scaling company needs to drive employee performance, engagement, and development.

Make informed business decisions with people data

Create the reports and visualize the metrics you need to set people and business strategy.

Drive business results through talent

Create the right people management programs needed to power org-wide efficiency, engagement, and performance.

Switching to Lattice is as easy as 1-2-3


Partner with a dedicated onboarding manager

When you set up Lattice, you don’t do it alone. Our onboarding team makes sure that Lattice is customized specifically to your organization and culture.


Integrate with your (other) favorite HR tools

Lattice works seamlessly with the third-party payroll, HRIS, SSO, or productivity tools your team already use, making sure your data stays up-to-date at all times.


Tap into award-winning support and resources

Our customer support team is always available to answer questions and share feedback. Learn people strategy best practices from hundreds of resources in our library and in Lattice University.

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