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People Program Models, developed by Lattice Advisory Services, are six proven frameworks to help guide your people strategy. Take our 2-minute assessment to see which model best fits your organization.

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Every organization is different and needs a unique people strategy. With our six defined models, anchor on a set of practices to build your people program.

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Semi-Annual Reviews and Surveys

Semi-Annual Reviews and Quarterly Surveys

Quarterly Reviews and Semi-Annual Surveys

Quarterly Reviews and Surveys

Annual Reviews and Semi-Annual Surveys

Flexibility for Project-Based Work

In fast-paced environments, implementing a 4x2 program model empowers managers to give relevant, timely feedback. This approach aligns well with quarterly goal setting, meaning that OKRs could end up guiding much of the evaluation. Another way to distinguish quarterly reviews like these is to break them out into two categories: performance reviews and development reviews.

For example, traditional performance reviews might occur in January with development reviews scheduled every quarter for the rest of the year. These lightweight reviews encourage teams to reflect on the prior quarter and set and check in on career development goals as well.

Who should choose this model?

  • Those with predictable growth
  • Few abrupt changes in business or market
  • Roles and responsibilities shift quickly