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Diversity and Inclusion

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Join Annette Cardwell, Senior Director of Content and Community at Lattice in conversation with Lawrence Walsh, Chief Operating Officer at There Be Giants about how OKRs can help manage culture change.
1 hr
In this Lattice Lunch, we’ll chat with Lattice’s own People Partner Director Mia Remar and Lattice’s DE&I Advisor Jen Chau Fontán about how Lattice built out its ERG program and talk through the tactics that really supercharge an ERG program to help them become groups with impact.
45 min
Are you ready to make a difference to your diversity hiring and culture in 2021? We’ll arm you with everything you need in this webinar.
58 min
Dave Carhart, VP of People at Lattice, speaks on rebuilding culture, connection, and finding new ways to show up for your team.
22 min
Learn the importance of making diversity, equity, and inclusion a part of your business strategy.
50 min
In this 15 minute Lightning Talk from HRD Summit, Lattice’s Director of Advisory Services, Julia Markish, shares the six tips to make employee reviews more equitable.
11 min