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People Operations Overview

People Operations is the new face of human resources. While the typical human resources department worked for the company, focused only on compliance, had a mysterious way of hiring and making pay decisions, and kept employees in line, people operations focuses on company culture health, recruits talent, values being transparent, and knows helping and encouraging employees through performance management helps a company’s bottom line.

The change in what human resources does to what people operations accomplishes has happened rapidly over the past decade. In the aftermath of the 2008 recession, HR has moved from administration and compliance to understanding employee experience. Unlike HR, people operations understands how employees work—what perks they want and how work gets done so they attract the right people on a regular basis. The aim isn’t to make people happy, but to give them good jobs that are meaningful and supportive, and that will in turn make them happy. People know what they want in a job, and can easily find one through the internet, so people operations teams have to get competitive in order to provide a company culture and environment that people are drawn to.

Before, HR teams were thought of in bureaucratic terms, just a place to file paperwork such as payroll and complaints that were more a way for a company to cover its back than anything else. But with changing technologies and a changing dynamic between talent and companies, people operations teams have room to innovate in their field like never before.