When used correctly, stay interviews can help strengthen relationships with employees, making them one of the easiest retention tools HR teams have in their pockets.

By setting the stage for breakthrough growth in employees’ careers, individual development plans (IDPs) are an effective, low-stakes way for businesses to boost engagement and retention.

Goals reviews allow managers and employees to better understand success factors, identify roadblocks, celebrate wins, and plan ahead for the future.

360 developmental reviews provide much-needed structure for employees, managers, and peers to share constructive feedback focused on career growth.

The first 90 days of a new hires’ experience set the foundation for how successful they’re likely to be in your organization. Learn how well your onboarding strategies are working with this 30-60-90 onboarding survey template.

As part of a comprehensive performance management program, mid-year reviews are a powerful tool for enabling managers and employees to ask questions, address roadblocks, and recognize wins.

Self-evaluations are opportunities for employees to share perspectives on their own performance, actions, and choices.

Exit surveys provide a unique window into the employee experience, making them a powerful tool for HR teams and organizations alike.

360 performance reviews are crucial for providing employees with insight into how their work is valued by the company as a whole.

Whether you’re grappling with a pandemic or natural disaster, it’s critical to check in with employees during times of crisis. Ask these questions to see how they’re feeling and if they need help.