Lattice Lunch: Investing in ERGs for True DE&I Impact

In 2020, many companies prioritized DE&I initiatives highly as social-justice issues became top of mind with their employees, and a popular program many companies adopted was creating or growing Employee Resource Groups for marginalized groups of employees. But just starting up ERGs isn’t enough to really make them a powerful part of building a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Companies are starting to realize that ERGs with little backing and support aren’t able to drive real change within their organizations, so companies like LinkedIn, Twitter, and JustWorks are pushing efforts like pay for ERG leads, budgets for ERG programming, and executive sponsorship to give ERGs real power.

In this Lattice Lunch, we’ll chat with Lattice’s own People Partner Director Mia Remar and Lattice’s DE&I Advisor Jen Chau Fontán about how Lattice built out its ERG program and talk through the tactics that really supercharge an ERG program to help them become groups with impact.

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 2021 Playbook: The Top 3 Strategies for Company Buy-in

According to Lever research, 50% of talent pros say diversity, equity and inclusion is more of a priority than ever. And in a Lattice survey, over 60% of organizations are building on their DE&I programs this year. But how do you broaden your reach and deepen your impact as an organization? This webinar will cover how to do this internally and externally from hiring to training to driving alignment and accountability across leadership teams.

We’ll be covering the top ways to build company buy-in: 

  • Step 1: Refining your DEI KPIs and building a diverse talent pipeline
  • Step 2: Developing training programs that work to eliminate unconscious bias 
  • Step 3: Leadership alignment techniques that will make all the difference

Are you ready to make a difference to your diversity hiring and culture in 2021? We’ll arm you with everything you need in this webinar.