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Building a Purpose Driven Compensation Philosophy

Compensation philosophies are evolving. Today, basic cliches about maintaining competitiveness or embracing pay transparency simply aren’t enough. Modern companies must reexamine every part of their rewards program — and clearly define the purpose of each component. 

In this webinar, we’ll sit down with Melissa Theiss, Head of People Operations at Column, to discuss the future of compensation philosophies and explain how they can be used to create a foundation for people-centric pay practices. 

You’ll Learn:

• What a compensation philosophy is — and how it helps set expectations for candidates and employees

•  What to include in a compensation philosophy statement (including more progressive components)

•  What steps you should take to set up or strengthen your organization’s compensation philosophy statement 

people success webinar

People Success in Practice: AMA – People Strategy Edition

As the year comes to a close and the holiday season approaches, a choir of people strategy consultants from Lattice Advisory Services are gathering for a day of caroling — that is, addressing some of our community’s most burning People Strategy challenges.

Join our in-house experts in Talent Management, Compensation, Goals & OKRs, Engagement, and Strategy to tackle your questions in our first ever AMA — the People Strategy Edition. We also know that People Team challenges can change on a dime, and whatever was top of mind for you yesterday may have been replaced by a new challenge today.

We’ve combed our archives for the most relevant themes and topics, including:

  • Feedback: When and how to gather peer feedback, and how to establish the right balance between completeness and overly long responses?
  • Compensation philosophy: Establishing pay increases when A) more and more people are working remotely, or B) pay is disconnected from performance
  • Engagement: How to increase engagement survey response rates (including bidding for leadership buy-in)
  • Development: The “right” number of competencies to include in a career framework
  • Goals: When and how Goals / OKRs should be set at the individual contributor, team, department, or company level
building a strong people success strategy

Building a Strong People Success Strategy

Without people success, there is no business success. In every company, employees are the ones driving progress — adapting, innovating, and finding new ways of working together to advance your mission.

Now more than ever, organizations should invest in aligning, engaging, and motivating employees to do their best work.

In this webinar, we sit down with two Lattice People Advisory Services experts to cover:

  • The key pillars that make people feel successful
  • Eight behaviors and principles that are essential to nurturing people success
  • Tactics for incorporating these insights into your people strategy

Building Your Compensation Strategy to Adapt to Uncertainty and Change

Join Lattice compensation experts for a conversation about adjusting your compensation strategy in today’s economic climate.

Drawing from new data, Dave Carhart and Julia Markish of Lattice Advisory Services will explain how modern employees are thinking about compensation amid inflation and increased costs of living.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

•  Better meet employee compensation expectations

•  Equip managers to navigate effective compensation conversations

• Ensure equitable compensation practices — with limited resources

One on One with Chris Yeh and Dave Carhart

Chris Yeh, entrepreneur, investor, and author of Blitzscaling, is sitting down with Lattice, VP of People Dave Carhart, to discuss navigating high growth in the new world of work. Chris has advised over 100 high-tech startups on how to handle the challenges that come with scaling fast. In this webinar, Chris will share how leadership teams can guide their companies through this year of transition. He’ll offer tips on how to attract, manage, and retain employees in this new remote/hybrid world of work. He’ll also discuss what goes into building a resilient organizational culture.

This webinar is presented in partnership with BambooHR, Culture Summit, & Blueboard.

The Art of Building a Thriving Company Culture in the Remote Work Era

You don’t need to hear again that 2020 upended how employees think about and interact with their companies. It’s now time to move forward. Dave Carhart, VP of People at Lattice, speaks on rebuilding culture, connection, and finding new ways to show up for your team.