RfH Insights – Best Practices When Staffing for High Growth

Last year took a toll on HR teams and the workplace. Fortunately, employment numbers are on the rise and companies are setting ambitious goals for the months ahead. But with high growth comes high risk: Maintaining the right rate of growth, keeping new and existing employees engaged, and not burning out your hiring team is a balancing act.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how and why fast-growing companies should focus on building programs that support sustainable growth. From creating your company’s core values to raising employee retention through performance management, attendees will learn best practices for setting up a strategy for achievable and manageable growth when your organization is changing rapidly.

RfH Insights: Returning to Work Amid Uncertainty

As state and local governments begin rolling back restrictions, HR teams have started drafting their own plans around what a post-COVID-19 workplace might look like. In the same boat? Join us for a free webinar with HR professionals from the Resources for Humans community to discuss different models returning to work — from 100% remote with no office lease to a hybrid model with a mix of onsite and offsite employees.

In addition to getting valuable insights on what your fellow HR leaders are planning, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop and launch a return to office survey for employees
  • Set a realistic and flexible plan based on your unique milestones and needs
  • Implement realistic tactics for different workplace models
  • Effectively communicate any change in plans with employees